So Smart, So Distracted

This group will meet with your teen for

8 sessions and will guide your child to reach their academic goals by:

  • identifying weaknesses in organization and planning

  • teaching time management skills that impact school performance

  • increasing self-awareness surrounding ineffective strategies

  • knowing how and when to ask for help

Parents will also receive coaching emails every two weeks with a video and helpful notes about how to support your child in becoming more productive and independent. 

Group meets online from 6-7 pm for 8 consecutive Sundays. No transportation headaches!

Groups are small to ensure individualized attention while allowing teens to support each other. Each session will be structured to help your teen create meaningful goals while choosing strategies for success. 

$320 for all 8 sessions and 4 parent video coaching emails

Parent coaching emails (without the group for teens) are also available for $100.

Group begins January 19th and ends March 8th.​

Due to the psychoeducational nature of the group,

medical insurance does not cover the cost. 


5689 Commerce Street, Suite A

St. Francisville, Louisiana 70775


Tel: 225-314-3643

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