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Reaching out to a counselor is not an easy decision.
I get that.


How much can you trust a stranger with the crisis in your life? And with so much going on, how are you going to fit in One. More. Thing?


In fact, I often feel like one of those circus performers who is trying desperately to keep all of the plates spinning on those skinny sticks so that one doesn’t come crashing down. You know the ones I’m talking about. One plate is the doctor appointments, another plate is meeting deadlines at work, and the most wobbly plate is figuring out how to get a decent meal on the table a couple of times a week. And let’s not even think about homework.


Seriously, it's stressful to handle parenting, school struggles, family relationships all while getting the bathrooms cleaned once in a while. #lifegoals


Luckily, I love a good challenge. I am fascinated by learning what makes people tick and finding out how people solve problems. I suppose that is what motivated me to earn my Masters in Social Work, Masters in Educational Leadership, and earn my National Certification in Exceptional Needs. I know what you’re thinking- lady, you need a hobby. And you’re probably right. I’m working on it. And when I’m not teaching or counseling, I am a book club nerd and podcast enthusiast. Because it is the stories that make life interesting.


If you feel like we would be a good team, and you are looking for some support with your own struggles or with finding ways to help your child be successful, reach out to me.


How I Can Help 

For the past 20 years, I have been working with kids as a teacher and social worker. I also happen to be a mom of imperfect kids. So, I understand feeling overwhelmed with adulting and the constant worry about doing the right thing.

My goal is to help you find peace in the chaos while finding ways to support your child’s success.

When kids struggle, it impacts the entire family. There is tension, nagging, yelling- it’s not a good place to be. We can work towards understanding the puzzle that is often behind family struggles in order to build success and relationships.

Parents are busy people which is why I provide counseling to my clients both in-person and online. I use HIPPA compliant secure video conferencing to make access to support convenient and confidential. All you need is a comfortable private space, good internet and a smartphone, tablet, laptop or personal computer.

Family struggles are not impossible problems. And they don’t have to tear apart your family or ruin your relationship with your kids. There are solutions, but it takes tenacity, patience and courage.

Ready to start?
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